Golden Brown EP

by Lazy Rebel

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72 Soul [Lazy Rebel] croons and raps straight from the subconscious (bedroom) about the troubled dreams and beautiful anxieties that make up the scars in a man’s soul. The GOLDEN BROWN EP is about intuition, love, friendship and the free expression of emotions through the healing spirits of music.

Miss Interpretation :

Together :


released January 14, 2011

Vocals 72 Soul [Lazy Rebel]
Produced by Akello Light



all rights reserved


Lazy Rebel Brussel, Belgium

AKA 72 Soul Multiple Persona Sorta

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Track Name: Not anymore
Not anymore

Doubts come later, on the couch, stay composed
Oh yeah I suppose, brush hands with shoulder, touch me, grow..
No, don’t go there, don’t act like you don’t care
Confused.. too many bruises, used
Can’t say nothing, too shy to try
Too scared of rejection
Home alone, no, I won’t send a message, stay cool in my room
Gloom doom, think, no cause for consume
What you gonna do?
Seduce, amuse..
Listen to Akello.. guy who so shy
Make beats.. MPC five
Oh I don’t know why
Oh but I do what I do
I know what I feel
The heart knows actions ain't real
Say no to the rest, friendly chickens want the dick
but I can’t get with it man..

Not anymore (can’t do it)

Rain or shine, ups and downs
I’m so tired of this town
So tired of this frown
Only show your good side
Only show your blue eyes
Is it me, or is it you
So many things that I wanna do
Time is coming after you
Alone among them billions
Put your cool face on, run the race never be wrong
Do things to do things, to escape this, to erase this
Too many choices..
You don’t know how to handle me
Too many voices..
You don’t go where I wanna be

Not anymore (can’t do it)
Track Name: Together (many shades of blue)
Together (many shades of blue)

If we can’t be

Sunday morning, rain is glory
Feeling restless, hear my story

Hazy as the night before
Taxi brought my baby home, today

Today the peace within, yesterday a fool.. for you

There are many shades of blue
There are many shades of you

Oh, do I make you feel insecure?
Oh, I didn’t mean to interupt your manicure

A player’s only happy when he’s playing..

Express yourself
Say what you think
Change the cycle
We can win

Touch your skin, flesh is bold
I won’t come, before you go

I’m playing..

We can be
Track Name: You need (ruff mix)
You need

Late night, creep night
Gotta get ya party on, on
Late night, creep night
Party to the early morn’

Cos I got what you want
I got what you need

Long week, long day
Gotta get ya party on, on
First gotta hit the club
Make sure a couple shots are gone, gone

Checking out the dancefloor
You see’s whatcha likes, likes
Then you two step on it
Makes ya body speak out loud

I got what you want
I got what you need

Late night, creep night
Gotta get ya party on, on
Late night, creep night
Party to the early morn’

Cos I got what you want
I got what you need

C’est ta mélodie qui me séduit
Pourquoi me défendre ton fruit ?
J’veux rien dire mais toi et moi c’est complet
Toute chaude, t’es sexy, quand tu bouges tout près
Je sens le désir qui m’emporte
La chaleur de ton corps m’excite, transpire mes pores
On se touchent à peine, mais ton regard me dévore, j’adore..
Danse tout près de moi..
N’hésite pas, on est là pour ça
Track Name: Fool is blind (Akello Light remix)
Fool is blind, he does not see
Foolish times, for you and me
Who is high, can we be free
Take your time, to be with me

Tryin’ times, we get by
Tellin’ lies, I don’t know why
Showing signs, that no one sees
Live your life, awake in sleep

What I want.. is what I need
Fool is blind.. he can not see
Don’t be blind.. just be with me
Free your mind.. and you will see

Fool is blind, he does not see
Foolish times, for you and me
Walk the line, somehow I feel
Angel eyes, can set me free

Please be nice, and let me be
Don’t think twice, unlock the key
Some believe, while others bleed
But we all need, the energy
Track Name: This city breathes
This city breathes, and coughs up blood in the morning. Dust particles cloud my brain. This city complicates simple things. This city makes and breaks relations, friendships come and go. This city knows of nothing but broken souls and happy homes, hidden away somewhere, laughing in the park.

You can’t download emotions. Store the past on your empty-3, delete what you won’t see. Be free, believe. This city shapes us, and how we wish to be. Think about it, then let it go. Don’t dwell too long in public spaces, adjust your privacy settings.

The cat’s name was Al Pacino, the fish was called Pablo Escobar. The cat died and the fish comitted suicide. She believes in love, and waits in vain. Dreams are made of wishful thinking. In this city everything is allowed, nobody trusts anybody, and we all move along in the same direction.

Too many people, that’s his theory. On and on, ‘til the breakadawn. It has to be natural, spontaneous. Miss Interpretation : he’s just a good time friend. Looking for the same thing, most are scared to admit. Volumes of desire, unfair distribution. Moments of clarity come when you let go of communication, cut off the phone.

Let reason guide your mind. Worlds of passion, styles of fashion. Interaction, interrupted. False starts, giving up before the finish line. This is the city and these are its crimes. Keep walking, keep talking, now. Take a moment to rest.. lounge on lover’s chest. Take credit for someone else’s feelings, wait for the best. Look further, keep going, create yourself again. If you can’t function within the system, recreate yourself completely. Carve your own way, keep the focus on night and day, you’re thinking of going.. away.

Somewhere else is always better, greener pastures. Smoke and read the signs : what’s bad for you is good for the city. Take off your clothes and dive into the pool. Swimmer’s cool. Splash the cash you don’t have, spend the ends for better blends. Mend my broken heart, so I can start all over again..

Be my friend, loyalty has an end. Enjoy what you do, the city before you, chasing.. Let me be, do my thing. Sing, create, believe, dance, answer, live, love, dream. Everything is clean, free like a summer breeze. Welcome to the city. Goobye, my dear. You need this. Nothing here is what it seems.